Plushie Care Guide

 Important Tips on How to Clean Your Plushie –

1. If soap is used on a plush, make sure to thoroughly rinse it off. No matter how little, any residue will eventually draw in more dust and filth.

2. If you wash your plush in the washing machine, protect its eyes and nose from scratches by using cold water, a light detergent, and securing it within a pillowcase. Fabric softener should not be used since it may leave a sticky residue on the plush's fur.

3. Large plush items shouldn't be washed in a washing machine, per advice. The spindle in the middle of the washer drum and, in some situations, washing big plush can harm the plush's fur.

4. Never, ever dry plush material in a dryer. The plush fur may singe from the heat, resulting in permanent damage.

5. If you have a larger plush that is damp or wet, it can be a good idea to help speed the drying process to avoid any musty odors. This can be done by placing the plush near a fan or outside in the sunlight, provided you have a safe and secure location to do this.

6. If plush fur is allowed to dry when rumpled, it usually keeps that unkempt appearance after drying. To get the best results, smooth or gently comb the fur while it is still damp.